Royalscope Coil Tubing Services

Royalscope provides coil-tubing services that maximizes efficiency, productivity and results. We bring this technology together to assist in reaching your strategic goals. Count on us as a reliable single source for all of your coil-tubing service needs.Our technology is performance-matched with coiled-tubing and thru-tubing technologies, to bring you the highest quality solutions.

Royalscope engineering support provided you with an intensive pre-job planning to ensure successful job execution. Our post-job follow-up provides you with standard of support you expect from a service provider. We have an astounding commitment to the highest standards of safety, service and equipment.

Coiled-Tubing Services

  • Cleanouts
  • Gas Lift
  • Acidizing
  • Velocity Strings
  • Well Kill
  • Wellbore Cleaning
  • Drilling/Milling
  • Fishing
  • E-line Logging
  • Sand Jetting
  • Thru-Tubing Packers
  • Underbalanced Vertical Deepening