About Royal Scope

RoyalScope Energy Limited is in the business to ensure that the demand from end-users is satisfied regularly and during periods of “fuel Scarcity” or shortage of supply. We have become a reliable source of fuel and energy products in Nigeria and West Africa; a market that is need of genuine and reliable supply. Our existence has been as a result of a strong network formed over the years and our willingness to work hard to produce the result our partners expect and our clients deserve.

At Royalscope, we make all effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and service. We believe in the time value of money and agree that “time is money,” therefore we work extremely hard to avoid wasting precious time when servicing our clients.

Our current focus is in the midstream and downstream sector of the oil and gas industry, however we are actively reviewing the feasibility of other promising project that would better meet the energy-need of end users.

Finally, we are excited about our future in the energy industry and the unique niche we have established for ourselves, within the market. Please join us today, as we continue to create this unique brand.

Our Goals